Alliance for Justice: Fact Sheets on Vacancies, Nomination and Trends in the Federal Courts

afj_web_150AFJ produces and constantly updates in-depth fact sheets on the federal judiciary, detailing vacancies, nominations, and trends. Download the latest.

Judicial Selection Snapshot: An overview of the current state of the judiciary and the confirmation process. Download now.

Pending Nominees: A look at the status of current nominations. Download now.

Vacancies without Nominees: Description of judicial vacancies without nominees, along with information on the date of and reason for the vacancy. Download now.

Judicial Emergency Maps: An overview of vacancies that are also Judicial Emergencies. Download now.

Judicial Selection Calendar: A timeline of scheduled and possible Senate action on vacancies and nominees. Download now.

The State of the Judiciary: The Judicial Selection Project’s latest comprehensive report on vacancies and nominations during the Obama presidency. Learn more.

Senate Rules Reform and Republican Obstruction of Judicial Nominees.  This report documents why breaking the judicial nominee logjam requires changing the way the Senate does business. Download now.